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  • this three-hour workshop highlights the necessary items, processes and fundamentals to create a basic hand puppet designed from foam.
  • one design choice offered
  • participants provide all materials from instructor's list
  • best for small class of 5-10 students
  • puppet will not be completed in time allotment, instructions are provided for completion
  • basic cutting, gluing and sewing skills required
advanced workshops
  • this eight-hour workshop gives students additional design techniques and processes necessary to create a complete puppet by the end of the workshop.
  • three design choices offered
  • participants must provide all materials
  • best for small classes of 5-10 students
  • puppet will be in semi-completed state with basic cosmetic enhancements needed for completion
  • completion based on participant's basic understanding
    of cutting, gluing and sewing skills
lip sync
  • this three-hour workshop allows students the
    opportunity to learn, experience and practice techniques of puppet lip sync and manipulation.
  • puppets not necessary for workshop participation
  • Specialty, intense, custom and combination workshops available. Please contact me for details.
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