design and building
workshops and training
custom puppets
puppet gallery
my puppets, our creativity
  • your design or mine
  • custom dyed fleece or specialty fur
  • leather lined and supported mouthplate
  • moveable fingers and in-hand arm rods
  • fur, feather or wig-based hair
  • high quality foam
  • specialty items upon request
bringing up a puppet to life
  • basic idea sketched and designed
  • determination made for type of design
  • if new design, miniature foam shape carved and cut
  • design enlarged, cut out of foam and glued
  • mouthplate designed and built
  • mouthplate inserted in foam head
  • fabric/fur pattern created, sewn and foam is covered
  • body designed and built from foam
  • hands cut, glued and covered
  • creativity and a little bit of magic added!
  • our puppet comes to life
© 2007 Doug Blemker
Updated: 1 SEPT 2007